Learn to be Healthy from the Olympic Athletes


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Ready for the Olympics (watching of course!)? This month learn how these athletes live a “gold” standard healthy lifestyle. Also, we are introducing some wonderful new people who have joined our team. They look forward to meeting and serving you! Do you know someone in your life who needs chiropractic care? Read all about our upcoming Family and Friends week!  May you enjoy the rest of your summer!
We Appreciate Our Patients! We’ve Got Your Back!
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A BIG Thank You to all our wonderful patients who brought in juice boxes for Kids Food Basket!
We brought 1,710 to them!!!
Family & Friends Week
August 13th-17th
What a wonderful turnout we had for our Patient Appreciation Picnic!

On this single day, not only did Dr. Kline donate his services but also patients brought in 1,710 100% juice boxes for Kids Food Basket! Our office is pleased to partner with Kids Food Basketand support the children of Kent County. We had such a great time! We grilled, had goodies, got our spines adjusted and enjoyed meeting other wonderful patients. We are truly thankful for each and every one of you! If you missed this special event, be sure to mark your calendar for DECEMBER 19th to join us for our annual Holiday Patient Appreciation Day. Watch for more information in our upcoming newsletters.

Bring in a new school backpack for a Kent County Child and we’ll take care of YOUR back! 

You will receive your initial office visit which includes: Complete Health History, Orthopedic & Neurological Exam, Initial X-Rays (if necessary) and Report of findings at ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE!

(Due to legal restrictions, this offer is not available to patients with state or federally funded healthcare plans, such as Medicaid and Medicare.)

Learn to be Healthy from the Olympic Athletes
“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.”

– Michael Phelps, gold medal swimmer



Do You Sleep Like an Olympic Athlete? 
Not only can you dream about sheep but also gold medals when you create the right type of sleep environment. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the three key ingredients to a good night’s sleep are: light, temperature and noise.

Your room needs to be sufficiently dark, fairly cool and if you need a little noise to sleep, make sure it is calming. Many athletes, prefer to sleep with the sound of a fan, or a sound machine playing softly. This may help to block out a busy mind that refuses to stop the daily to-do list!

How is your mattress? Your pillow? How old is it? Are you comfortable at night?Do you wake up with back or neck pain? Our office sees many patients who find not only relief from their chiropractic care, but by a better mattress or pillow that supports their spine and neck.

How long do you sleep? 7.5 to eight hours is the gold standard. However, most of us are still trying to win the length of that race. Maybe it’s time to go into some “sleep training”. The art of sleep is a crucial part of not only sports performance but everyday life performance!

The Olympic Way to Eat Each Day 
Fueling the body of an Olympic athlete is never taken for granted and neither should it be for our bodies. While we may not be marathon runners or swimmers, we so often burn the candles at both ends and function on fumes! Proper nutrition can up our game and our health. Don’t start the day with an empty fuel tank. While we may not be lifting heavy weights most Monday mornings we are trying to lift a lot of responsibilities. Protein is the powerhouse that should always be a part of your meals. Nice additions are; fresh fruit, whole grains (unless you are gluten sensitive), low fat milk or yogurt.

Keep healthy snacks on hand. When the clock keeps ticking and you have lost track of time, a growling stomach is sure to remind you! Unfortunately when that happens, hunger wins and you may find yourself grabbing something decadent or landing in the fast food lane to silence the rumbles.

Do you hydrate like an Olympic athlete? 
The body needs water everyday to properly function. During any intense exertion or training it becomes critical. Dehydration, weakens the muscles and can cause fatigue. The majority of your hydration should come from water, but who can resist the new sports drinks! Be sure to make sure they are not loaded with sugar and they replace electrolytes which are lost especially when we exercise.

Your Immune system needs to be treated like GOLD! 
Eating foods that are rich in antioxidants such as fruits and veggies are the powerhouse of staying healthy. Don’t assume that “Fat” is a bad thing. Foods rich in Omega-3 may be a little more calorie dense but are essential to your health. Have a handful of nuts, eat some avocado, and give salmon a try.

Be Careful With Your Carbohydrates 
Extensive research on many health concerns is leading us right to a common denominator… inflammation. This destroyer of your health can most commonly be found in simple carbohydrates and sugars. Carbohydrates are important not only for Olympic physical performance, they also help you stay mentally sharp and increase concentration. However, be careful what type of carbs you eat. Eat whole grains, vegetables, beans, and unsweetened cereals. Make your carbohydrate calories count!

Relax Like an Olympian! 
Even a gold medal athlete knows that the mind, body and spirit need to recover from the pressures of high-level performance. So enjoy watching the Olympic games, sit back, relax, have a healthy snack or too and of course picture yourself putting on your very own gold medal!

Jennifer Keller, CMT

We are privileged to have Jen on our team as a clinical massage therapist.

She comes to us from St. Mary’s Wege Institute for Mind Body Spirit. She has an extensive background and knowledge in many forms of therapy. In addition to having worked in a chiropractic setting, Jen aids her patients in relieving chronic pain, injury, aging issues, and illness. She has worked with Hospice, and has many years of experience working with hospitalized patients for symptom management (pain, sadness/anxiety/comfort care).

Our patients are truly impressed with her compassionate heart and individualized care.

Amanda Evans, C.A., C.M.T.

Amanda has many years of experience as a Chiropractic Assistant. She has held a managerial role in a chiropractic office for several years. In addition to her front desk responsibilities, Amanda has also served patients as a Certified Massage Therapist. Amanda’s gentle and warm personality is a perfect fit for our office. She enjoys working closely with patients and developing a close and caring relationship to better assist patients reach their optimal health goals.

Amanda is a proud mom of three adorable little ones. She enjoys eating healthy, running, traveling, sports and cooking.

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